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Products >> Reference Standards for Environmental Monitoring >> Aliphatic Hydrocarbons >> 1ST3511/n-Hexadecane
1ST3511 / n-Hexadecane
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MSDS Specification CoA Qc
Product 1ST3511
CAS# 544-76-3 MFL # MFCD00008998
Product Name n-Hexadecane
Formul C16H34 MW 226.44
Form /Liquid Color /Colorless
Purity (%) 98+% Concentration
mp (°C) bp (°C)
fp (°C) Density (g/ml)
Storage /Ambient Transportation
Synonyms 十六烷、鲸蜡烷
Additional Info 打开的容器必须小心重新密封并保持直立以防止泄漏。在惰性气体下处理和存放。储存级别(TRGS 510):可燃液体。
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